Top tips on how to embrace ageing gracefully

by Tricia Cusden 

International Women’s Day is approaching, and for me, that means a day devoted to supporting and uplifting women everywhere, no matter where they’re from or what their age. 

I know the true impact women can have when they come together and support one another. When I first introduced my YouTube channel at the age of 65, I took a chance. Having been a successful business consultant, I completely changed career paths and dove headfirst into pursuing my passion for beauty. And better yet: I wanted to share this passion with other women around the world.

The moment I embraced my age and new pursuit, I found true success, both personally and professionally. Looking back at my achievements, I see that my first makeup tutorial has seen an incredible 735,821 views and counting; I’ve started an internet business; and I’ve released my book, ‘Living the Life More Fabulous’. Now at 70, I’m a bestseller on Amazon for Beauty and Fashion. While this is all incredibly exciting, what is perhaps most fulfilling is the community of women along the way that have supported, enabled, and celebrated my success.

You may be wondering what this all has to do with beauty tips? Well, a huge way that I enjoy celebrating women is by arming them with the beauty tips and tricks to give them the confidence to achieve anything they want to and look fabulous whilst they do so. Therefore, ahead of International Women’s Day, please find my top beauty tips below and available to view directly on my channel.

  • Skin: Always apply a serum and SPF moisturiser underneath makeup - skincare is as important as the makeup that sits on top.
  • Wearing make-up: Always try to wear make-up as older faces tend to lack colour and contrast.
  • Filling your brows in: Add structure to your brows to frame and bring back symmetry to your face. Start by grooming them using a brush then use a liquid liner, like our Fabulous Brow Shape to add fine feathery strokes and make sure they match! 
  • Add colour to the face: Colour is essential for our later years to help add even more definition. Use a lovely pinky creamy blush, nothing too orangey, for an instant healthy glow. Start by dabbing with fingers then smooth in with a brush.
  • Add a touch of lipstick: Pop on a lip primer to prevent lipstick bleeding into the lines around your lips and finish your fabulous look with a bold coloured lip.

To watch more of my videos, please visit my YouTube channel. I love hearing from viewers -- whether it’s because I’ve inspired you to try something new or if you’d like me to feature a specific beauty or makeup tutorial. If you leave me a comment, I’ll be sure to get back to you. 

And remember, if we support one another, wonderful things can happen. Now let’s make International Women’s Day last all year.