Two weeks of Horoscopes: 27 July- 10 August

22 June to 23 July

‘Torrid’ is not a word to be used lightly. It means sultry, sizzling, tropical. Your chart is hot, it is sweltering. If this is to do with a relationship (new or established), expect much… steam. If to do with finance or business, expect a demanding but profitable time – certainly you may need to shorten a planned holiday in this case. But also, an emotional or financial situation approaches its end from which you can benefit, just as a new and exciting set of

24 July to 23 August

This summer finds you in a very competitive mood. Even if it’s just to win the village fête sprint, you’ll be up at dawn in training. But the late July lunar eclipse (which remains potent for up to six months) tells that there’s probably a lot more at stake than local glory. A quite determined and focused opponent stands in your way – and the ‘prize’ relates to love, career or social status. No need to fight fire with fire. The way forward is to take an independent line, showing your readiness to consider new ideas, even to experiment while staying practical. This is an exciting, stimulating period, likely to prove profitable after mid-September. A great many lions will be purring noisily.

24 August to 23 September

The question of how to release yourself from a tie or obligation exercises your mind. It’s tempting just to fly off like a summer skylark, but you know that would not do. Ruler Mercury goes retrograde from late July for three weeks, and this is an excellent cosmic development. Life’s gifting you more time to apply that crafty mind of yours to this matter. And the overall omens are supportive of a detachment if the purpose of moving on is to help another or restore work-life balance. Muscular Mars adds steel to your resolve, making it much more likely that towards the end of August, you are a lot closer to engineering a seamless, sophisticated departure.

24 September to 23 October

Of all the signs, you get the luckiest late July lunar eclipse (affecting life for about half a year hence) because it falls in your chart house of passions. Not just that, but ardent Mars emboldens you to see a heart’s desire through, whether this be the completion of a project, the pursuit of a love/lust interest or simply a determination to get your just rewards. Putting others first has just about exhausted you – now it’s ‘me-time’. This becomes a lot more pronounced from early August when ruler Venus exits cool Virgo and enters Libra where the planet’s happiest. Beautify your appearance, flirt like there’s no tomorrow: by being more your playful self, new friends are found and your influence grows.

24 October 24 to 22 November

Domestic and/or professional targets are the big summer theme for you – and much can be achieved if you deploy that famous Scorpio guile and avoid short-term fixes or ruses. Why? Because Mercury and your co- ruler Mars are in retrograde in the mid- to late summer period, so dodge frontal confrontation or direct action. If there’s disagreement over a residential move or refurbishment, do the research and make your argument; don’t try to impose your will. A career or work question will also trigger a reflective state of mind – this season is all about readiness for action through careful planning. By mid-August and beyond, a new subtle, enlightening mood starts to alter your perspective, so that what appeared to be a barrier looks more like an enticing challenge.

23 November to 21 December

In recent months, the home or family area will have not been all harmony. Financial and trust issues brought a doubt into your mind about a partner or other loved one, perhaps because behind that confident exterior of yours there is anxiety about material or emotional loss. Now here’s the good news. Ruler Jupiter is due to team up with spiritually elevated Neptune this season, and the effect will be to broaden the mind and enable you to see more clearly what you have in common with others. This is a fantastic starting point to improve perception and appreciate that baseless fears limit scope. Summer’s a busy time, a reminder that people want to see more of you.

22 December to 20 January

If you start listing all the things that need doing right now, you’ll boggle yourself. Keep life simple and listen up. The late July lunar eclipse, next to forceful Mars, is a hint from the skies of the next big thing in life: what must be done to help you feel more secure, materially if not in other ways? Personal resources, income, assets: all these can be much improved this season and over the coming months by focusing more-or-less exclusively on plans and projects capable of strengthening your sense of comfort – you’ll find you possess an unusual determination to obtain what you deserve from labours. Venus starts to help you from early August, creating social opportunities to shine professionally. Press those glad rags!

21 January to 19 February

Do you know your own power? Let me tell you. Under the 27 July lunar eclipse in your sign, effective up to January 2019 and empowered by Mars, you’re equipped to fight any good fight – or to push any personal interest. You’ll be raring to go. Yet the best approach is to play things cool, which is precisely the opposite to the way you feel. Will you be able to control the ferocious beast dwelling within you? Much can be achieved in the home or in your career if you don’t overreact to one or two baffling happenings – you’re also advised to keep your mind open because it’s through unplanned events that progress is made. ‘Summer madness’ brings into your life at least one new extraordinary person.

20 February to 20 March

It really is time to take it easy. Put your ‘trotters up’, to use a phrase du jour. Not that resting should be confused with blissed-out torpor. A lizard is never more alert than when it basks inertly in the hot sun waiting for its prey. Summer 2018 is your moment to get back to you, to rediscover what you’re about and what you want from life. All that noise you can hear is other people’s chatter, advising what you should be doing – find your earplugs and block them out. Under Venus, a romantic bond can be forged – and into August, business initiatives are favoured. Meantime, dig out an exotic cocktail recipe and enjoy any free time. You’ve earned it.

21 March to 20 April

This warm summer finds you in a surprisingly composed if not dispassionate state of mind. A business venture or any kind of affiliation is very much to the fore, but you’re realising that, to get the best out of a team, allies or a romantic partner, it’s time to let go of some of the controls. Your strongest position is to stand outside the fray or the drama of relationships of any kind and exhibit a degree of your own independence. This won’t feel comfortable because the natural instinct is to engage. But this distancing approach will help you to make one or two difficult but objective decisions that are in everyone’s interest. And clarify your vision and unveil new vistas for autumn.

21 April to 21 May

The outside world is calling! Are you in? Ordinarily, this might be a new career responsibility. But it might also be to do with a civic or civil duty, or an uplift in your public or professional profile. A specific task is involved and this will require your resolute side to perform – success is likely. Certainly, affairs beyond the home will dominate this summer and it could be that a delicate balancing act must be achieved so that people close to you don’t feel neglected. Perhaps one’s pet will pine. This caring side will definitely be called upon once ruler Venus hits Libra from early August: if you look after those who look up to you, they’ll look after you. Then everyone’s happy.

22 May to 21 June

The longing grows to get on a plane and fly away. Or board a ship and forget landlubber bores. Lunar eclipse points you away from all things familiar because in this world there is still much to discover. Expect an invitation to travel – or a chance to take up a new study. This expansive feeling will collide with a need to sort out niggling bureaucratic matters, especially with ruler Mercury in reverse: what have you overlooked in your rush to be excused from the demands of deskbound dullards? Never mind. Work and career are under brilliant stars: in August, unsought opportunity arrives to become a bigger beast in your jungle. Let’s hope you’re not stuck at an airport when this happens!