Valentines Day Beauty at Peggy Porschen

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By Annette Kellow

It’s that time of year again, and it always seems to come around so fast! Valentines is just around the corner and everything is swiftly turning heart shaped. But where to go for that extra special treat? 
I decided to head to one of my favourite haunts (which also just happens to be a feast for the tastebuds too!) and visit the queen of baking herself; the Peggy Porschen Tea Parlour.
With her loyal online following and seasonal changing decor it’s hard to miss this chic glass-fronted tea house, conveniently located on Ebury Street, Belgravia.

On arrival I could hardly contain myself at seeing the heart shaped flower wreath around the door and the large cupid hearts and pastel flower displays inside. Infact her collaborations are always a picture of elegance and I hadn’t even approached the front door when in a trance like state my camera was out to capture a shot!

Peggy often collaborates with other brands and companies (as she has done with her lovely displays) and this Valentines she has joined forces with Lulu Guiness to create a lipstick accentuated cupcake. She also has a pastel frosted heart cupcake with accompanying sponge slice- Did I try all three? You bet I did!

Of course, one must not forget the tea. Reading Peggy’s tea menu is like reading your favourite book. It has all the right tones, notes and flavours which are timeless of which you’ll want to keep coming back to. I went for the Rose tea which comes in pretty teapots with matching cups.

Although it was morning the parlour was already filling up and I noticed there were several couples getting their sweet treats fix with gaggles of young women also enjoying their own slice of heaven. I even made friends with some lovely bloggers and we helped each other take pictures of our cakes (these things are essential when visiting). Peggy’s philosophy is to use only the best craftsmanship with quality ingredients and a perfectly pretty aesthetic. And it shows! With the attention to detail lavished on each cake, it is definitely a full-blown love affair.

The Peggy Porschen Valentines range is now available at 116 Ebury St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9QQ