A Visit to Holistic Health Coach TBalance

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When we think of the word balance, we often think of everything flowing in sync. This can mean in relationships, friendships, careers, financially and health wise too. But what happens when one (or more) of these falls out of place? And how does this have a knock-on effect in other areas of our life? With mental health and physical health at the forefront of media news at the moment, I decided to find out by visiting Tori, a London based holistic health coach and owner of TBalance, a service and brand that helps people strive to be the best version of themselves. Her aim is to help people connect, make healthy choices, value and care for themselves- a more intricate version of TLC!

Visiting her, I instantly felt a glowing warmth from her as she handed me a ginger herbal tea and took a few health notes- from what I eat, to how my life currently is and what ideas I have for the future. Living in London, working, keeping up with a social life and also being pregnant I must admit my life can feel quite ‘full’ and often I do not take a break and stop to smell the roses so to speak! So it was refreshing to be able to sit and reflect on a few things as I knew I had been overdoing it of late. This is exactly what Tori’s courses offer, Self-love and Sustainability- how to make small adaptable changes to build the life you desire whilst being the best version of yourself. Every person is, of course, different with a variety of goals and this is what her courses focus on.

After going through my diet (yes, I have totally indulged in the cake throughout my pregnancy and had to sheepishly admit it!) we came up with a few easy changes I could make to stop unnecessary unhealthy snacking. Eating in season is always healthier and she suggested getting food delivered to save time which is definitely a win-win for me. Salmon, leafy greens, broccoli and eggs are all great sources of nutrition whilst better snacks were thought out including mashed avocado on rye, mixed berry smoothie, apple & nut butter, a variation of nuts, yoghurt & fresh fruit. These were all things I enjoyed previously but had let slip of late (again blaming the London lifestyle, being busy and pregnancy!)

She also talked about how the importance of a healthy gut is imperative, often dubbed ‘the second brain’ as it is so reactive to what we eat and how this affects all other areas of our lives. But as with all health-related balance, an all-round approach is one of the factors to take into account. Tori spoke about how the mind and body are connected and to eliminate anxiety we often need to have a level of self-love as well as sustainability. Self-love is important to living a happy and fulfilled life, it influences things such as career choices, who you pick for a relationship, the image you project, and how you cope with the problems in your life. It is important to your welfare and so we spoke about some books and things that can help me with this. Exercise, Reiki and ways to reenergise were all things she thought would be best incorporated (that I had done previously but let slip of late!) so we talked about how to implement these back into my life.

‘Balance’ is Tori’s motto, and she is very gentle in her approach, so much so that I felt I could natter away and tell her anything without a fear of being judged. She also does not believe in deprivation or detoxing - purely because that isn’t what makes people ‘happy’, and prefers to use a tuning reflection and finding out exactly what works for the individual. These adaptable changes can even be small starts such as beginning a gratitude list for all the things that you are thankful for or making small dietary changes. Rather than a ‘quick fix,’ T Balance offers realistic changes that are nutritionally good for you, spiritual and sustainable. 

At the end of our session (which seemed to fly by with all our eager chatting!) she gave me a rose quartz stone, the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love and she also asked me to pick a card, often referred to as Angel cards. I picked one which showed I was guarded and protected, and I left with a warm glow and a new enthusiasm to take my TLC and self-care up several more notches!


TBalance courses in Self-Love and Sustainability are £520 for 6 x 75 minute sessions, with any contact needed in-between. The two courses can also be combined if desired.

Contact; tori@tbalance.co.uk