Media: Website
1.1 Pop-ups
1.2 IAB Banner Campaigns
1.3 Sidebar Displays
1.4 Related Content Campaign
1.5 Advertorial
Media: e-Newsletter
2.1 Banner Campaigns
2.2 Solus e-Newsletter
Featured mini Website
Media: Website
Color1.1 Pop-ups

Pop-ups appear sequentially on any page excluded those of account management (including registration, log-in and password reset) and the contact form.
Once closed a pop-up will not appear again until the next day.
When multiple pop-up are scheduled simultaneously (independently by the format), those will be displayed sequentially one after the other after having closed the displayed one.
The display order is depending by the date of publication, the order is decreasing (from the news one to the oldest).
Pop-ups may be published by Date or Impressions.
In the case both the options will be set simultaneously, the pop-up will stop running the first limit will be met (if for example a pop-up is set to run for 2 weeks and 1000 impression ant it will reach 1000 in just one week then it will stop running).

Allowed assets: Static Images only


FULL (1126x730 PX)
This format occupies the majority of the available space preventing the access to any kind of content.


SMALL (400x400 PX)
It is occupying the the central portion of the site without affecting the menù or the footer.
It is preventing the access to the contents but it is still allowing to browser the sections or to log-in or to registering.


TOP (1126x215 PX)
It is occupying the whole top portion of the website, including the navigation menù and preventing the use of it.
The user can still browse the contents and click on those.

Color1.2 IAB Banner Campaigns

Each campaign will share the same settings (Campaign name, Client, publication period, impression or click limits) and are composed by 4 different IAB formats each of those are intended to be displayed on a specific device.
Banners are displayed one by one in specific areas of the site, rotating every 30’’.
These campaigns may be published by Date or Impressions.
Allowed assets: Images and HTML5

Desktop / MobileExample

Leaderboard (728x90 PX, Desktops)
It is displayed at the top of any content immediately below the top menù.

Desktop / MobileExample

Standard (468x60 PX, Low-Resolution Desktops and Tablets)
It will replace the leaderboard on specific devices.


Double MPU aka Wide Side (300x600 PX, Desktops and High-Resolution Tablets)
It is displayed below any content in the side bar.
After been fully displayed, this format will stop scrolling until the user will reach the footer.


Adhesion (320x50 PX, Mobiles and Low-Resolution Tablets)
This format is fixed at the bottom of the screen independently by the scroll.

Color1.3 Sidebar Displays

On Desktops, those will be always listed on the sidebar on any page of the website.
On Tablets and Mobiles (where there ins’t the sidebar), those will be showed among the contents of the Home page, after any 5 articles.
Them are fully responsive scaling accordingly with the device width.
Sidebar Displays may be published by Date (impressions count will be added soon).
Them can be reordered manually (otherwise them will by automatically ordered by date, stating from the most recent one).
There are two different region on the side bar where these advert may be displayed: at the top, immediately below the Subscription banner, or at the bottom, immediately above the Double MPU banner.
Allowed assets: Images only (animated GIF are allowed)


BANNER (300x90 PX)
This format offer the possibility to concatenate more than one banner in order to create a bigger adverts.


SQUARE (300x300 PX)
This is a standard square format.

Color1.4 Related Content Campaign

This format is based on tags.
It will be automatically displayed on top of any related content accompanied by the words "This content is sponsored by:"
This campaign can be either text only or image only.
In the second case the images will be automatically scaled to occupy the exact width of the content in which the campaign is displayed.
These campaigns may be published by Date or Impressions.
Only one sponsorship per content is allowed.
Allowed assets: Text and Images

Desktop / MobileExample

It is displayed at the top of any content immediately below the top menù.

Desktop / MobileExample

It is displayed at the top of any content immediately below the top menù.

Color1.5 Advertorial

An advertorial is 100% looking a standard editorial article.
Once published it will remain online forever.

Media: e-Newsletter

We can send two topologies of e-newsletter: The weekly editorial and the solus. The first one is intended to inform our users and subscribers that the new issue is available in shops and which are the most interesting articles, jobs and candidates contained in it. The second one is a fully customisable newsletter exclusive for the client. It will be sent to any of our user that have opted in for 3rd party. We can provide reports that include the total number of recipients, the amount of spend email, and the click count for each link contains in it. Considering that the solus is a full custom product the following formats are related only to the weekly one. Allowed assets: Images only (animated GIF are allowed).

Color2.1 Banner Campaigns

This format will be published on our weekly newsletter.
In this email there are 2 banner advertising spaces.
Users registered for this newsletter are about 60k.
This newsletter aims to update our users of the new content available on our media.
Allowed assets: Images only (animated GIF are allowed)


IAB Standard Header Standard (468x60 PX)
It will displayed on the right alongside The Lady logo in the very top of the newsletter, granting the same number of impression of the amount of the opened emails.
This space is limited by one banner per newsletter


Custom Middle Banner (710x90 PX)
Displayed in the central portion of the newsletter immediately below the editorial contents, this space can accept more then one banner per tile.
The banner will be listed one below the other.

Color2.2 Solus e-Newsletter

This is a totally customised format.
Our customers will have the opportunity to provide any design previously created by them or request the creation of a totally new layout created by our graphic department.
This newsletter will be sent to all users who have accepted to receive advertising communications from third parties.
Users registered for this newsletter are about 40K
Statistics will be available no sooner than 2 weeks after submission.

Featured mini Website

It is a completely customized special product and the specifications and prices will depend on the size of the project.
It will be a page or set of pages that will be served by a custom temporary 3rd level domain ( or, etc ...).

Media: Website
Product RateBasis
Pop-upsStart from: £10.00CPM
IAB Banner Campaigns£20.00CPM
Sidebar DisplaysStart from: £650.00Week
Related Content Campaign£20.00CPM
AdvertorialStart from: £2000.00
Start from: £10.00
Basis: CPM
IAB Banner Campaigns
Basis: CPM
Sidebar Displays
Start from: £650.00
Basis: Week
Related Content Campaign
Basis: CPM
Start from: £2000.00
Media: e-Newsletter
Product RateBasis
Banner CampaignsStart from: £700.00Sending
Solus e-Newsletter£2300.00Sending
Banner Campaigns
Start from: £700.00
Basis: Sending
Solus e-Newsletter
Basis: Sending