Wellness Honeymoons: 5 tips for doing them right

Relaxing, reevaluating and revitalizing... sound like your perfect honeymoon? Then you're in luck, as in recent years wellness honeymoons have taken the industry by storm, especially with the wellness and health sector booming. Forget poolside cocktails, late nights and thrilling beach sports, this year it's all about yoga, retreats and finding your Inner Zen. If this sounds right up your street, then look no further, as the wellness experts at Shakti Himalaya have given their 5 tips on doing a wellness honeymoon right.

1. Choosing the right Destination
Opting for the right wellness destination is crucial depending on what you want to try, as different countries offer different experiences. Fancy a green juice drinking, yoga taking honeymoon? Then Ibiza would be your best bet. Or if you fancy something a little more far from home with a mix of walking and authenticity, then immersing yourself within the peaceful Himalaya mountains would be both awe inspiring and memorable

2. Doing it properly
If your serious about your wellness honeymoon, its best to try and get the most out of it- that means taking full advantage of the facilities and amenities, no one wants to be that couple taking a night off to hit the local club when you're supposed to be finding peace. Perhaps set yourself challenges and tasks to ensure you make the most out of our retreat.

3. Working together
This is your honeymoon, your first holiday as newlyweds, so use it as a chance to enjoy each other's company and work together on yourselves. Perhaps try couple yoga or go on a long hike to really take in your surroundings – it will help strengthen your bond and get your marriage off to the right start.

4. Try new things
You may think a wellness honeymoon is all about relaxing, smoothies and salad bowls, but actually it's much more than that. Many include different activities that you may not have tried before such as tai chi, or extreme yoga – throw yourself in the deep end and try new things, you may surprise yourself and your other half.

5. Hiking honeymoons
Hiking is one of the best things to do to refresh your mind and get a fresh perspective. If it's a memorable walking honeymoon you're after, then why not try Shakti Himalaya – they offer many different hikes and walks throughout the Himalayas, why not choose to stay in their award winning lodge, Shakti 360 for a unique Indian village experience.

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