What makes us lose our phones again and again?

A new study of just over 1,100 respondents by Carphone Warehouse reveals the type of Britons that are most likely to lose their phone based on a series of traits: age, relationship status, social behaviour and personality, family background and even horoscope sign.

  • The Chronic Phone Loser – it’s a male who has lost his phone more than 10 times, Gemini, 25 – 34 years old, Android user, not very organised and has a snake or other exotic animal as a pet.
  • Android over Apple – 57% of Chronic Phone Losers are Android users. 17% of them work in the retail, catering and leisure industry, followed by 13% working in IT and telecoms.
  • Men lose their phone more often than women – Women do slightly better than men, losing their phones 3% less times than men.
  • The chronic phone loser is part of the 25 to 34 age group, uses Android over Apple and is not a fan of exercise.
  • Males also lose their phones more often than women. 

In this increasingly digital world, we’ve become so dependent on our favourite gadgets that they’ve almost become an extension of our bodies. Of course, this means losing our phone can give us extreme separation anxiety. Despite this dire scenario, reports show that 25,690 mobile phones were lost in the city of London alone from April 2017 to April 2018.

However, are there some people who lose their phones more than others? If so, what common traits unite Britain’s phone losers?

What makes a chronic phone loser?

Compared to most people in the country who have only lost an average of 2.4 mobile phones during their lifetime, this group of phone losers seem to be phone loss experts, confessing to have misplaced more than 10 phones to date. Some traits of ‘chronic’ phone losers are:

  • They are pet lovers. A high percentage of this group are pet lovers. While 53% of them have a cat, 73% prefer the love of a dog. This group also shows an interest in exotic pets; 13% own a snake and 20% have a bird – hopefully these ones are a bit more difficult to lose. 
  • They take public transport, with 70% using it as their chosen form of transport. Unfortunately, this probably creates more chances of them forgetting their phone on the seat next to theirs.
  • They’re social butterflies. They are more than twice as likely to lend their phone to their friends than the average phone user. We love how much they trust their friends, but they might be better off just sharing personal secrets instead of their phones. 
  • Android over Apple: 57% of chronic phone losers are confessed Android users. Within all the sectors analysed, 17% of this group of phone losers work in the retail, catering and leisure industry, followed by 13% who work in IT and telecoms. 
  • It’s written in the stars? Horoscope signs are seemingly linked to the likelihood of losing your phone. 16.7% of phone losers are Geminis while four other signs are also popular within the group: Libra, Scorpio and Pisces and Cancer. So, if you’re an Air or Water sign, you might want to keep an extra eye on your phone.