What qualities make a good Carer/Companion?

The Lady recruitment consultants know what high standards our clients expect from us and we pride ourselves on meeting these expectations year after year. We will never consider placing anyone with a carer/companion without implementing our thorough recruitment process in which interviews and relevant vettings occur, all once a suitable match has been identified. 

The candidates considered for this role are those with some good, practical experience alongside a real desire to care; someone with a naturally kind nature who is dedicated and resilient. A good carer/companion must be prepared to go the extra mile – to stay a little later on occasion if a replacement carer has not arrived, to anticipate your client’s needs and most of all be considerate and able to build rapport appropriately, both with the client and the client’s family.

If you think you have the skills and experience and would like a career as a carer/companion call our recruitment team to see if we can help. 

The qualities our consultants at The Lady look for include the following:

  • Good practical caring skills and experience
  • A commitment to the profession
  • A friendly, warm, kind personality 
  • Patient, punctual, reliable
  • Capable and confident
  • Honest, supportive and flexible
  • Trustworthy and resilient

You can read more about the role here, check our latest jobs here or contact our recruitment team to discuss your situation on 020 3857 9945.