Founded by Andrew and Jane Cooper, and driven by their passion for animals and the environment, WildWash is a company that specialise in natural skin and coat care products for pets. At WildWash, the team have spent the past 10 years slowly and patiently developing what they believe to be the best range of pet cosmetics in the world. The company started out with a firm vision that the pet shampoo they produced would match the high quality of the leading brands for humans. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, their natural remedies have already achieved exceptional results.

WildWash was introduced to and accepted by an acclaimed independent boutique apothecary who is responsible for some of the finest human products produced in the UK. This apothecary, who is also one of the top ten natural fragrance apothecaries in the world, embraced their project with a passion. With their professional knowledge and Andrew and Jane’s commitment, WildWash shampoos and cosmetics were brought to life. The products are now exclusively hand blended and stirred together using a holistic mixture of plants, botanicals and essential oils.

 WildWash utilises natural ingredients to remedy common a afflictions. Skin irritations, dandruff, mites, ticks and mange can all be treated effectively using the non- harmful, chemical free solutions WildWash have developed. At WildWash, the team believe that animals and humans deserve the same quality cosmetics and they pride themselves on being as transparent as possible. For every product, they provide a full ingredients list, which confirms that the products contain no parabens, phthalates, phosphates, petrochemicals, sulphates or PEGs. They use 100% pure essential oils and guarantee that none of their products have been tested on animals. This consideration and strong moral compass has earnt WildWash ethical accreditation and created countless satisfied customers. 

WildWash testimonials 

Emma Savill of Grooming Gorgeous, Sunbury- on- Thames

I used the Greasy/ Dark coat shampoo on a terrier. The coat dried quicker, had a lovely shine and of course smelt Gorgeous. I was very impressed.

Linda Reader of Presentable Pooches, East Sussex

Cannot believe how well the shampoo the poodle clean in just one diluted mixing bottle at a dilution rate of 32 to 1, used a second bottle just to get a really squeaky clean result but even at two bottles that was awesome as my record card for the previous groom (6 months ago!!) was 4 lots of shampoo!! What also impressed was the erradication of odour.. The shampoo really did dissolve dirt & the smell is amazing...when I went to rinse out the bath after it smelt so fresh too! (bonus!) Dogs dried very quickly as well.

Amanda Burnham of Waggiedogs Grooming, Derbyshire

Just wanted to tell you I LOVE IT!! It smells so gorgeous

Sophie Hall – Pet Owner

After years of trying to find the best shampoo for my very greasy Toy Yorkshire Terrier I was amazed when I came across WildWash. Not only did it smell fantastic it actually worked. Bath time has drastically reduced and her coat is now in beautiful condition. A real winner!