Windsor House Antiques

Introduces ‘Choice Collection’

A selection of Antiques outside our main collections all for under £1000.

Windsor House Antiques are traditional antique dealers who are well known for being a trusted supplier of quality antiques. Established in 1957 by our chairman D Kevin Smith, we have grown from a small one-man operation into a globally recognised brand.

Our passion for antiques is evident in everything we do from the thrill of procuring a new item through to delighting a satisfied customer with the perfect piece they have been seeking. Over the years we have been able to put together a varied and exquisite collection of antiques.

It’s wonderful to own antiques, most people would say what they love most about antiques is the history they carry with them, the uniqueness, the chance to own and enjoy something entirely original. Unfortunately, many people may feel they are unable to shop within the antiques market due to the cost of antiques. Windsor House Antiques would like to change that and give the choice back to the consumer with the introduction of their ‘Choice’ collection.

The ‘Choice’ collection is a carefully curated selection of affordable unique items, all under £1000, that are outside our main collections, upon which Windsor House Antiques have placed a fixed price to provide you with the perfect opportunity to own that special unique item that has its own charm, history and story with the fabulous additional bonus of being eco-friendly.

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