The Witching Hour

Divination, sorcery and all things mystical are coming out of the esoteric closet, says Lyndsy Spence
As someone whose appreciation for sorcery runs from the mythical Medea to the retro celebrity witch Sybil Leek, I am drawn to all things mystical. No longer confined to the shadows, divination is becoming mainstream - and rightly so. These books and oracle cards are beautiful works of art, and offer inspiring messages when it comes to living authentically or finding your true self among the chaos of modern life.

Self Source-ery by Lisa Lister
(Hay House, £12.99)
Lisa Lister knows her craft, and is to determined to empower others through her expertise. She wants women, in particular, to become their own source of magic, even if they have been stripped of it by society and other external factors, such as experiencing grief and trauma.
Alongside the book, Lister has created the Self Source-ery Oracle: A 42-Card Deck and Guidebook (Hay House, £17.99). In keeping with the design of the book, and the overall message of self-love and acceptance, the cards are beautifully illustrated with divine feminine archetypes and playful prompts such as 'Bite the apple (I dare you)'.
Lister encourages us to connect with our inner voices and discover the truth about who we really are. Her matter-of-fact way with words is refreshing and amusing, and she offers personal stories and practices to help us become our higher selves.

21 Days to Jump-Start Your Intuition by Sonia Choquette
(Hay House, £10.99)
A fourth-generation intuitive guide and spirit teacher, Sonia Choquette teaches us how to transform our lives for the better by switching negativity for positivity and trusting the most important source: ourselves.
As it takes roughly 21 days to form a habit, Choquette sets out a plan to help us reach our fullest potential and attract abundance based on this timescale.
A book for novices or seasoned New-Agers, it offers lessons on how to 'protect your energy', read the vibes in the room, enhance your spiritual awareness, as well as exercises to help you connect to your 'spirit guides'.
Having accumulated over sixty years' worth of knowledge, Choquette is a trustworthy guide who is more than able to share her secrets in a thoughtful and humorous way. This is a fun book that will help anyone tap into their sixth sense.

Who You Came Here to Be by Debbie Frank
(Hay House, £14.99)
This is a self-help book with an astrological twist. If Lisa Lister guides us to the light, then Debbie Frank gives us the tools to delve into the depths of our personalities using the stars.
The 'Queen of the Cosmos' invites us to visit her website to find our free birth chart and from there equips us to tailor information about astrological houses, sun signs and moon signs, to our benefit.
Having taken her advice, drawn up my birth-chart and then looked deeper into my personal astrology, I found so many things resonated with me.
This book is also a masterful guide to learning about astrology and all its nuances - a reliable guidebook for when the planets are moving and shaking things up in our lives.

The Herbal Astrology Oracle: A 55-Card Deck and Guidebook by Adriana Ayales
(Hay House, £18.99)
On the theme of astrology, I turned to this beautifully produced publication as the ideal companion piece to the books. The cards feature artwork by Josephine Klerks: dreamy illustrations of flowers, creatures and seasonal elements. Each flower conveys a spiritual message, and the guidebook goes into depth about what each card represents. Perfect for spiritual guidance on the go, or when you want to dive deeper into metaphysical realms.

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