The World's Most Expensive Christmas Wreath

The World's Most Expensive Christmas WreathThis is the ultimate Christmas wreath studded with over 40 diamonds and rubies - and worth a massive £2,835,000!

On sale at the wreath includes a Vivid Red 17.49 carat Ruby, and a 3.03 carat Fancy Yellow Diamond. One of the Helleborus flower heads is home to 22 loose diamonds totalling 2.64 carats.

The 138.83 carat wreath costs £2,835,000 ($4,645,800 / €3,424,575).

Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo, says; “We are delighted to be able to offer the world’s most expensive Christmas wreath as part of our ongoing endeavour to offer truly exceptional newly launching luxury products and experiences.”

The wreath itself is made up of the some of the most luxurious flowers and leaves in the world and is created by top Finnish Floral Designer and Director of Flor Unikon Flowers, Pasi Jokinen-Carter. The diamonds and rubies for the wreath have been provided by 77 Diamonds, who offer the world's largest selection of loose diamonds.