Off you scoot!


You’ll find her the perfect set of wheels at Micro Scooters this Christmas...

Whether she scoots to commute, to keep fit or to keep up with the kids – you’ll find her the perfect set of wheels at Micro Scooters. To make it extra special why not personalise the scooter with her name too?*

*Available on the Micro Classic and Speed scooters 

White Micro Classic Scooter, £149.95 (above)

This two wheeled scooter is built for speed and designed for convenience. Its large 200mm wheels allow it to glide effortlessly while its unique deck, both wide and long, is designed for extra stability. It’s also foldable and weighs just 4.7kg. 

Flex Deluxe, Berry


The Flex Deluxe has a premium wood and fibreglass deck that flexes to absorb bumps – for a super smooth ride. Its large 200mm wheels glide seamlessly over any terrain making it both comfortable and fast. It’s also foldable and weighs just 5kg making it perfect for the commute. 


Speed, Mint


The Micro Speed is light, agile and fast – making it the perfect companion for hop-on and hop-off journeys. Its small 145mm wheels are perfectly proportioned – large enough to move at pace, yet small enough to remain lightweight.