Is your weight affecting your health?

We are here to help you lose your weight, improve your health and the way you look and feel with the Metabolic Weight Loss Programme!

It can be extremely soul destroying when you just can’t lose your unwanted weight, no matter what you do. If you have reached the stage where putting on any more weight is simply not an option for you, then read on!

Health and well being

Being overweight is no laughing matter when it is affecting your health, your looks and the way you feel about yourself. You know that you need to lose weight - all very well, if only you knew how to!

Rachel and her team have helped over 8,000 clients of all ages and from all walks of life to lose and keep off their weight. Many contact Rachel’s personal weight consultancy, often as a last resort and are delighted to have achieved, and successfully maintained, the weight they want to be.

A workable programme that’s easy to follow

The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme consists of four stages. The first two stages are designed get to your target weight, while the last two stages deal with making sure you know how to maintain your weight. No pills, diet shakes or meal replacements are used – just healthy foods. The programme is structured so that there is no need to struggle with cravings or feel hungry when you shouldn’t be. This successful, tried, and tested programme is easy to follow and more importantly it works!

Motivating weight loss

Factors, such as, an under active thyroid, pregnancy, menopause, medication, lack of sleep, physical or mental stress or simply just ageing, can all slow down the weight loss process!

The expected average weight loss of The Metabolic Weight Loss Programme is 7-14 lbs a month. As you can imagine, this kind of weight loss is very welcomed, especially those who have struggled with the factors that can down slow weight loss.

Clients often comment on just how impressed their doctors /consultants and other medical professionals are with their weight loss. One reported that their doctor said, ‘All my lady patients on thyroid medication are struggling to lose weight, but you’ve lost 2 ½ stone despite being on thyroxine – well done!’

Feeling and looking better

As the weight falls off, time after time clients remark how their health, self-esteem and confidence has improved. Not being happy with the way one looks in clothes is no longer an issue! Many health reports are received which include improvements in fitness, energy, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and aches and pain.

One-to-one support

The Personal Weight Loss Consultancy works closely with you as an individual. Consultations are available every 7 days, with daily email support as needed. Time and again, clients comment that they couldn’t have lost their weight without the non- judgemental and caring support of Rachel and her team.

For those who are not able to visit, a successful remote support service is provided throughout the UK and overseas.