Shake, Puppy & Roll

Puppies warm the heart, says photographer and animal expert Carli Davidson – especially when they’re allowed really to be themselves
An undeniable wave of emotion comes over me every time I see a puppy. My voice jumps at least two octaves. Something in my heart warms.


I see all the potential and curiosity, the desire to learn, the need to play, the search for direction, the trust. And so shooting these puppy photographs was an ecstatic experience, and a challenging one.


It meant coming home sore after a long day of lying on the floor in awkward positions to get that perfect shot. It meant going out in public covered in the lingering scent of puppy breath.


But I took the photographs to share some laughter and a simple enjoyment of the dogs around us.

Shake Puppies by Carli Davidson, with photography by Carli Davidson, is published by Harper Design, priced £12.99.