Top tips for surviving hayfever this summer

The hayfever season is well and truly upon us. Here are some top tips to surviving the hayfever season from the experts
John Kettley, one of the UK's most well renowned weather presenters and meteorologists:
• Hayfever sufferers should take particular care in the morning and late evening when symptoms like itchy eyes and a runny nose are at their most severe. These peaks are caused by pollen rising upwards with the heat of the day and then falling back to earth as the temperature drops in the evening
• Sufferers should try to stay inside and close windows during these times of the day, wear wraparound sunglasses and ensure they take a hayfever remedy that offers fast and effective relief
• Pollen is carried by the wind and can travel great distances on a breezy day. Anyone who suffers from hayfever should take extra care if strong winds are forecast. However if you live by the coast the wind might just be your saviour as any breeze which blows in from the sea will be relatively pollen free. So if you are struggling with hayfever this summer, why not take a trip to the beach!

Additional hayfever advice:

1. Alcohol contains histamines which exacerbate hayfever symptoms,1 if you still fancy a drink on a warm summer evening opt for a vodka, gin or white rum mixed with a pure fruit juice which have relatively little histamines in comparison to beer, wine and cider

2. When driving in the car ensure you have the windows closed as air pollution can combine with pollen to cause increased reactions in sufferers

3. If you have long hair it is always advisable to tie it up on particularly high pollen days and ensure you wash it when you come in as pollen can become stuck in your hair and aggravate symptoms

When choosing a hayfever remedy it is important to identify your symptoms and figure out which will be best for you!

Quick relief and drug free
Prevalin Allergy, a non-drowsy, breakthrough barrier nasal spray for the treatment of hay fever and other allergies. Clinically proven to act five times faster than hayfever tablets, and endorsed by Allergy UK, unlike other options available Prevalin Allergy both treats and prevents. 2 Firstly it defuses allergens on contact then forms a micro gel barrier in the nasal passage to minimise exposure to allergens and prevent further triggers. This is unique to Prevalin Allergy and has demonstrated substantial benefits for hayfever sufferers. Prevalin Allergy gets to work in just three minutes and provides up to six hours relief from hayfever symptoms. The steroid and antihistamine free formulation is also suitable for pregnant and breast feeding women and athletes. Available in a one month supply (£9.99*) for adults and children over 12 years from pharmacies nationwide.

All day protection
BecoAllergy is a fast acting one-a-day hayfever and allergy treatment, now available from leading pharmacies nationwide. No one-a-day tablet works faster than BecoAllergy, allowing hayfever sufferers to get on with their day symptom free.3 Getting to work in less than an hour, the daily dose provides up to 24 hours relief from hayfever symptoms. BecoAllergy contains cetirizine, an antihistamine which blocks the histamine receptors preventing the body from reacting to allergens. Suitable for children over 12 and available in packs of 7 (£3.49*), 14 (£5.99*) and 30 (£9.99*) from pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.

Nasal spray for itchy, stuffy noses
Beconase Hayfever Relief for Adults, the UK's number 1 allergy nasal spray and Beconase Hayfever are corticosteroid nasal sprays which inhibit the release of chemicals that trigger an allergic response, helping to reduce nasal inflammation.4 Non-drowsy Beconase, is clinically proven to provide relief from allergy symptoms such as a runny or blocked nose and sneezing.5 Adults over 18, can use Beconase Hayfever preventively 2-3 days prior to exposure to allergens or from the onset of symptoms and Beconase Hayfever Relief for Adults from the onset of symptoms. Hayfever Relief for Adults is available in 100 sprays (£6.99*) from supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide while Beconase Hayfever can be found in pharmacies in a 180 spray format (£9.99*).