Ultimate Oral Healthcare To Achieve A Brighter Smile

By Annette Kellow

How does one achieve a brighter smile? Brush more? Don’t eat too many sweet treats? These were just some of the questions running through my head as I entered Dr Richard Marques practice in Wimpole Street. As someone who loves nothing more than a sugar-laden dessert, I was sure he was going to see my weakness and tell me to curb it while I am also pretty nervous of visiting any dentist! So imagine my delight when I discovered one of Richards emphasis is on treating uneasy patients with gentle and pain-free treatment. His protocol is to build nice, customised smiles for his patients specialising in the aesthetic with an emphasis on teeth cleaning, gum health and cosmetic dentistry.

He also has an approach that I have not seen at dentists before- he discusses aims, outcomes and desires for teeth in a non-rushed gentle way that makes the conversation very easy and open. But could he help with mine? After an in-depth consultation, he advised me to have a deep clean scale and polish to bring extra shine while he also discussed future long-term options for my teeth. Indeed the tools he used did not hurt at all and I found myself enjoying a procedure I would normally completely clam up in! He recommends a deep clean at least once every six months. So one of my concerns was how to keep my teeth in good condition in-between?

Dr Richard Marques considers many factors for ultimate oral healthcare and these are just some of the tips he gave me to keep teeth in tip-top condition:

  • Use an electric brush instead of a normal one. It has been known that as the electric toothbrush is constantly rotating, therefore cleaning further as you move it over your teeth. This effectively shifts away more of the food and drink debris left in your mouth after eating. It will even help get rid of surface stains. Brushing should always be thoroughly for two minutes, twice a day and combine this with regular checkups.
  • Floss. It is very easy to be slack on flossing as you don’t see a particular aesthetic result but with great methods of interdental cleaning such as Tepe brushes, Waterpik or the Phillips Airflosser they make flossing easier than the older methods of simple floss tape. Flossing is the main way that can really get in between the teeth to remove bacteria and without it can lead to tooth decay and gum problems. Aim to floss after brushing twice a day.
  • Watch your diet and don’t smoke. In particular, sugar is the main factor in diets that can cause havoc on teeth whilst smoking can cause stained teeth, bad breath, gum disease and a diminished sense of taste. Coffee can also stain teeth whilst the repeated cycle of sugar attacks cause a mineral loss in the enamel. Over time, this weakens and destroys the enamel, forming a cavity.
  • For natural bacterial removal try coconut pulling. An ancient Ayurvedic remedy, it can be used as a mouth swill for at least one minute (preferably two to three) and it helps to not only remove bacteria but lubricates the teeth so plaque cannot stick to the tooth surface and cause decay or gum disease. It also helps with bad breath and the oils (especially oils with naturally antibacterial properties) bind to the biofilm, or plaque, on the teeth and reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth. Always remember to spit out afterwards!

After my visit to the clinic, I felt relaxed, positive and sure about the future of my teeth whilst they were also pretty sparkling after the clean- and best of all it was pain-free! Dr. Richard Marques, I'll be back!

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