Wedding Planning

Wedding planner Aparna Manandhar gives her advice for the perfect September wedding- if even rain does strike.
It's September, the busiest month for weddings, so wedding planner Aparna Manandhar, from Thistle Marble Arch, has put together her top tips to ensure a seasonal September downpour doesn't dampen anyone's special day.

Thistle Hotels prides itself on being a great place to get married with its 36 hotels looking after hundreds of weddings every year and Aparna's tips for weatherproofing your wedding include:
1. Make the rain work for you; take some fabulous pictures using the reflection in puddles and accessories your bridesmaids with some coloured umbrella to brightening up your shots
2. Rainwear can be stylish; theme your umbrellas with colour/patterns/prints for your guests or to match the wedding party
3. Take a hair dryer, hair spray and make-up with you to touch up after a rainy photo-shoot
4. Rain is supposed to be good luck so take it as a sign of good things to come. Many cultures and religions believe it is good luck. There are those who believe that it will help with cleansing of any bad and negative thoughts. Ultimately cleansing the soul as the waters from heaven pour. It is a sign of having babies - like the rain provides waters for growth on ground it signifies fertility in many cultures. In Hinduism and possibly other religions the term tying the knot which can be physically seen in the religious procession of a Hindu ceremony is considered to be harder to untie. It is a great uplifting saying/superstition for an already apprehensive bride and groom.
5. If you are happy on the day, everything and everyone else will automatically brighten up, so keep spirits up

More tips
If you have already booked venue -
6. Use rain to take some fabulous pictures- reflection in puddles, coloured umbrella shots with bridesmaids
7. Remember umbrellas - theme them with colour or patterns.
8. take a hair drier with you and hair spray to touch up after a rainy photoshoot perhaps
9. Rain is supposed to be goodluck so not at all gloomy
10. If you are happy on the day, everything and everyone else will automatically brighten up - so keep spirits up

If you are looking for a venue and it is during raining season
1. Perhaps marquee might be the way to go - you can jump in an out to enjoy sunny spells.
2. make sure the venue is paved if you want to avoid mud
3. When booking ask the venue if there is a contingency plan - should your wedding be booked for the outdoors
4. Speak to your photographer - pintererest is a great way of finding inspiration on rainy photshoots - yu can discuss these options with your photographer.