5 signs your cat is the boss

Cats are known for being aloof and mysterious, as well as the ultimate companion and family member. But when do you know that your favourite feline is really the boss of you? Online pet store, FLETCHER OF LONDON gives us 5 signs that your cat wears the (fluffy) trousers in your relationship.

1. HOGS THE COVERS – the minute you sit or lay down, do you find your cat appears from nowhere? Even worse, you turn over in the middle of the night to find that your kitty has occupied your space, leaving you hanging off the edge of the bed!

2. EMPTY PLATE – at meal times do you find yourself unable to resist those puss-in-boots eyes and end up giving most of the ‘good stuff’ to your furry friend? We’ve only got ourselves to blame when your cat won’t eat their Felix, in favour of whatever you happen to be eating for dinner.

3. PERSONAL SPACE – if you find your cat using you as a nap cushion the minute you sit down, it’s clear you’ve been over taken by your best buddy. It’s not unusual to find yourself tripping over your cat as they get under your feet!

4. MAKE DEMANDS – when cats want something, they don’t stop until they get it. From asking for a snack to crying to be let out, chances are you won’t get a minute’s peace – even less if you’ve got more than one cat.

5. SHOPPING SPREE – gone are the days of shopping just for yourself, soon you’ll find that you’re automatically buying treats, food and accessories for your cat without even realising. When that happens, it’s guaranteed they’ve got you under the thumb – or paw!

FLETCHER OF LONDON, an online-based pet store recommends confining your pets away from the tree when you are not home. This will allow you to be able to "supervise" any tree or plant- eating activity.

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