Christmas Magic at Peggy Porschen

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Written by Annette Kellow

When looking for sweet treats and beautiful gifts there is only one place that perfectly fits the bill- Peggy Porschen on Ebury Street. With her spectacular seasonal displays and pretty pastels interiors it is a lovely way to spend a leisurely morning or afternoon. I was enthralled to be visiting Peggy to see her new Christmas collection which fully accentuates the magic of Christmas.

In the collection there were edible iced biscuits which you can hang from the tree (I couldn’t see these lasting long in my house!) made in the prettiest pinks and whites. Next I viewed an iced gingerbread house which looked almost like a toy house it was so perfect. I exclaimed it looked too wonderful that you almost couldn’t eat it (but I’m sure my tastebuds would get the better of me!) I also tried the Sugarplum tea which has a deep purple colour and a light plummy fragrant taste.

And then of course, came the cakes. The cakes are always my favourite part! Each season Peggy designs a new cake selection on the theme of the parlour (which also aptly matches the display).  I had already visited on Valentines, Summer and Halloween so loved the attention to detail that goes into the design and taste. Indeed, Peggy works closely with a team of expert bakers and spends many hours creating and tasting until she finds the perfect combination. I secretly wanted to ask her if she ever needed any taste volunteers as I can think of far worse ways to spend my days then tasting cakes but managed to refrain as the cake itself then arrived!

I tried the Jolly Gingerbread cupcake which is a scrumptiously spiced gingerbread sponge topped with lemon cream cheese frosting. Decorated complete with a shimmered gingerbread man and sugar sprinkles, it did not last long!

Of course I couldn’t stop there (it is Christmas after all) as there is also a bejewelled chocolate cake as well as a Pink Prosecco slice which are both delicate in their flavours whilst having an aesthetic of perfection.

One of the most wonderful things I like to see when sitting in the parlour is the reactions of people as they walk past the parlour. The glee on children faces, ladies who lunch who are bowled away by the prettiness and young girls who love to update their Instagram with the best backdrop in town. Peggy is wonderful to visit in all seasons but this Christmas it is definitely holding the perfect festive spirit for me. 

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