Darned if you do, Darned if you don't – The ripple effect of consequences

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The trouble with consequences is that they have a way of catching up with you.

I've attempted to dodge a few of my own actions only to find that no matter how fast I run it's right behind me butt-nipping away with “right back atchya” relish until I throw my hands up and own up. 

I've tried eating behind my own back; snarfing the end of the French loaf and eating a slice of cheese while cooking. I reason doesn't “count” as food as it wasn't on a plate as it was done quickly and gulp- swallowed. Ergo didn't happen.  Sadly, the scales beg to differ.

It's like dropping a pebble into a lake and seeing the ripples roll outwards reverberating long after the point of impact.  So it is in our lives.  What we chose to do or not do has a cause and effect.  Neglect, inaction, avoidance, denial – all may seem innocuous enough coping mechanisms, but the psychic and physical repercussions roll on.

If you think doing nothing is the answer then you are more at risk then the rest of us who have a go, stick our necks out, put it out there and risk it in love, business and the whole life thing.

By not taking action you can find the consequences are:

Missed opportunities. Stuck in a rut. Death by comfort zone. Less love/adventure/thrills. More of the same. Regret. Physical and mental health issues.

Once you get that there is a sort of quantum momentum that goes with an action you will learn a very magical trick.  What you put out there you get back and with the right intention it can make a difference, open doors, change worlds add years to your life or make you infirm, keep you mired in misery and down-hearted.

There are consequences for harsh words said in haste, one too many fry ups, sugar highs and wine lakes consumed. There are repercussions that come from burned bridges, slammed doors and choosing “I can't be bothered” to one -minute highs at the bookies or online shops leading to long term woe. 

The great news is that fore warned is fore armed and with courage and an open heart it's entirely possible to make amends, repair damage and offer olive branches.  Even if no one takes you up on it you have grown and learned something good. Be the change you want to see, said someone wise once.

 These very acts in themselves can then create a chain reaction of joy and inspiration which can then perhaps spur others to do what you did, have what you ordered.

You may lose face but gain peace and respect.  You could swallow your pride and choke on the bliss of forgiveness.  You could eschew the take-away and feed your self-esteem. 

One thing does indeed lead to another. Let it be for the better  and the eternal  ripples to gently roll out, out these inevitably will, lapping at the shores of lives with goodness, health and hope.

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