Letter to our Agony Aunt

Dear Patricia Marie,

My 30 year old daughter has been happily married for 10 years now, while my 25 year old son is still drifting from one relationship to another. He introduces his girlfriends to us as the love of his life, and a few months later, it's all over.
My husband and I have enjoyed wedded bliss for over 35 years. It is extremely upsetting that while one of our children seems to have followed our example, the other has not. I am becoming increasingly concerned by my son's erratic behaviour.

Patricia Marie says...

Having blissfully happy parents can sometimes be an unexpected disadvantage. Your son could be approaching every relationship with totally unrealistic expectations. If he measures every one of his new relationships up against what he experiences at home, he's soon going to feel disappointed. It may be that you are applying unfair demands. Introducing every new girlfriend as 'The One', could possibly be because he feels that's what you want to hear - and it seems that he is desperately trying to seek your approval. He is still young enough to be playing the field, and maybe you should let him do so, free from the weight of your expectations. Whilst it's a comfort for you to know your daughter is happily married, you cannot compare your son's situation to hers, as this could eventually cause him to resent you. He has his own unique personality, that if you were to embrace, could enrich your relationship. Trust that he is an adult, able to make his own choices and believe based on his many experiences, that when he is ready, your son will hopefully be able to make a good decision that is right for him - not one that is expected of him.

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