Dish of the Week: Cacao Cake

This week's Dish of the Week comes from world-renowned private chef Tarek Al-Shammaa who has shared with us his favourite guilt-free dessert. Using a combination of avocado, cacao, blood orange and edible flowers it is a perfect sweet treat for the Easter period...



Sweet potato

Almond flour




Maple syrup/ honey/ stevia/ can sugar (whatever you prefer will work in this recipe)

Blood orange

Edible flowers


Roast a large sweet potato till soft. Wrap in foil and place in an oven at 180 c for 30/45 min.

Mix the mashed/-pureed sweet potato (without the skin) with 3 eggs and 200 grams of almond flour and sugar/ stevia or maple syrup to taste.

Place the mixture in a baking tray lined with parchment paper and cook for 30/45 minutes at 190 C. The shape is unimportant of the tray as you will cut into nice cubes when cool.


Melt solid Cacao with boiling water. Get a double cream consistency. Add sweetener of your choice and then blend in a food processor with two peeled ripe avocados.

Blood orange accompaniment: 

Find the best oranges in season. Ideally blood oranges for flavour and that lovely colour. Dip the orange segments (I like to cut unevenly, without skin) in sugar/maple or honey and blow torch till you get a  char on them.


Place two cubes on either end of the Quinel of Cacao mouse with blood orange segments inter-spliced between the cake and the mousse. When serving dust with pistachio powder and garnish with edible flowers.


Tarek Sebastian Al-Shammaa has been a private chef for the last ten years working for high profile individuals and families around the world. Even in Switzerland, The South of France, Tel Aviv, Shanghai or Miami his dishes still strive to bring the best out of the raw ingredients he sources. 

This Cacao cake dessert is part of a new exclusive 5 Course supper club that has been introduced in London. Known as  the ultimate private dining experience, this culinary delight is available to book in your own home as part of a celebration, special event or simply for some exquisitely cooked fine-dining as an evening.

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