Valentine days

By Ben Felsenburg

‘From the makers of love island...’ These are words that will fill you with either uncontrollable anticipation or deep dread. Well, be still your beating heart – or, alternatively, fear not. Our Shirley Valentine Summer (ITV, Thursday, 9.30pm) may come from the same people who gave us the raunchiest reality show de nos jours, but it’s a very different affair. a cast of celebrity women – among them broadcaster turned psychotherapist annabel Giles, weatherwoman Siân Lloyd and the ineffable italian lawyer Nancy Dell’olio – are off to the mediterranean to soak up the sun. But despite the title they’re not looking for romance with a Tom Conti lookalike – well, not necessarily, at least – and they’re wise enough to know that alcohol is something to be enjoyed strictly in moderation. Their Greek island summer sojourn is an opportunity to take stock of things in a leisurely manner at a crucial turning point in life. For some, it’s a matter of patching themselves back together after the end of an unhappy marriage. For others, this could be a chance to get healthy and transform themselves physically to gain a whole new sheen of confidence. so, while the film boasted Pauline Collins and Joanna Lumley, here over four episodes we have aggie mackenzie (presenter of how clean is your house?), former glamour model Melinda Messenger, Chris Tarrant’s ex-wife Ingrid, comedian Ninia Benjamin and This Morning regular Lizzie Cundy. Tune in and get away from it all.