The Daily: April 15

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James Patterson increases donations to UK bookshops
James Patterson, US crime writer, has increased his donation to independent UK bookshops by an extra £250,000. In June 2015, James decided to donate £250,000 to book stores in the UK and Ireland, with over £130,000 having already been allocated to more than 70 booksellers. The funding has primarily been put towards refurbishment projects and expansion of children's sections in an effort to organize a bedtime reading project. Any independent bookshop that has a dedicated children's section is eligible for a grant between £250 and £5,000. According to the Bookseller's association, in the UK in 2013, 67 bookshops closed, therefore this grant will be able to give stores the opportunity to remain open and appeal to a wider demographic.

First Female Director commence the Cannes Film Festival
Emmanuelle Bercot will be the first female film director to open the 68th Cannes Film Festival on the 13th May, since 1987. Bercot's film: 'La Tete Haute' is a 'bold and moving' story starring Catherine Devenue and following the life of a juvenile delinquent Malony, while a children's judge (Devenue) will try and save him from himself. This film will additionally be the first French language opener since 2005. On the 13th, it will be La Tete Haute's world premiere as well as the release within French cinemas nationwide. Bercot has a brief history of débuting her work at Cannes, having won the prestigious Jury Prize in 1997 for her short film 'Les Vacances'. The festival's full line-up and official and official selection will be revealed tomorrow, Thursday 16th April.

Public predicts baby girl for Kate Middleton
Despite the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge has as much chance of delivering a boy as a girl, up to 90% of all bets and polls have been placed on a sister for Prince George. One man in Edinburgh has staked £2,000 with Ladbrokes on it being a baby princess. This popularity in the birth of a girl has meant bookies have needed to have adjusted the odds, which started off as being equal, to now 8/13 for a girl and 6/5 for a boy. The name 'Alice' maintains the top spot for favourite name with odds of 3/1, with Elizabeth, Charlotte, Alexandra and Victoria coming in close behind. The name 'James' is the 8/1 favourite for a boy, followed by Arthur, Henry and Charles. The Duchess is due to give birth towards the end of this month in the private Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital, Paddington.

Stephen Spielberg and Disney join to make The BFG
Stephen Spielberg is to combine with Disney to make a new production of Roald Dahl's The BFG. This new adaption will star Mark Rylance, Rebecca Hall and Penelope Wilton. Spielberg has stated that that he has 'been on the producing end of a number of films for the Walt Disney Company, but never as a director'. The first production of The BFG was released in 1989, voiced by David Jason and much loved by many of the population. This time, Mark Rylance will star as the BFG and a new actress Ruby Barnhill as Sophie. The script will be written by Melissa Mathison, who worked with Spielberg and the producer Kennedy on ET. It is expected that the film will combine CGI and live action in order to achieve the fantastical elements of the tale in the most real way possible. A release date has been set for 1 July 2016.

New technology to allow Google-maps users to tour Abbey Road studio
Abbey Road Studios has partnered with Google in order to create an interactive walkthrough of Abbey Road, the iconic location where the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Stevie wonder have recorded some of their biggest hits. Visitors will be able to explore each of the three studios through 150 separate 360-degree panoramic images which include archive pictures, YouTube clips and audio footage. A 360-degree video will transport viewers into the middle of the London Symphony Orchestra during a recording session of Final Fantasy, alongside a recording of Sir Edward Elgar opening the studios in 1931.