Only one in ten Dads help with homework

An online tutoring agency has surveyed more than 2,500 parents about their children’s homework and found that only a tenth (11%) of Dads help their kids study, and more than two thirds (68%) of parents who do, don’t understand it. In response, the agency has created a new parent tutoring service, where parents can learn their child’s curriculum along with teaching methods, so they feel more confident assisting with homework.

An online tutoring agency has surveyed 2,528 parents about their children’s homework and found that only a tenth (11%) of Dads help their kids study and more than two thirds (68%) of parents who do help, don’t understand it.

Tutor House conducted the survey to find out how families manage their children’s homework as well as their role in helping with it. Half of respondents were Mothers (51%) and half were Fathers (49%) living in the same household as a family unit.

Only a fifth (22%) of parents said they helped their children regularly to study. When asked which parent assists their children with homework, just one in 10 (11%) answered the Father.

Two thirds (68%) of parents admitted they don’t understand their children’s homework and half (47%) of those parents worry that they are hindering their child’s education by trying to help. Almost all of the respondents (93%) said that they struggle with new terminology the most, and more than two thirds (67%) said they don’t understand new teaching methods.

In response to this, Tutor House has created a new service, where parents can receive tutoring on the British primary and secondary school curriculum, so they can help their children study with confidence. Parent tutors will cover a wide range of core subjects, such as Maths, English, Geography and Science, with a particular focus on how the children are being taught the subject matter.

Tutor House is London's leading tutoring agency, offering private home tuition for all Primary, GCSE, A-Level & University subjects. On a mission to change the way students and parents find trusted and qualified tutors. Their goal is to make tutoring accessible for all and allow every single student to benefit from individual tutoring, group retake courses and educational support, no matter their level or ability.

Alex Dyer, founder of Tutor House said:

“The survey results were really interesting. To be honest, with the curriculum constantly being updated it's not a surprise that parents struggle to understand their child’s homework, it's one of the main reasons families hire a tutor At the same time, it’s quite sad, and I can imagine many feel inadequate that they don’t know how to help.

“I hope that our new parent tuition service will help parents feel more confident and able to help their children with their studies. It can only result in a positive outcome in my eyes. The more we can support kids in school, the more they will progress!”

Parent tuition will cost £40 an hour and will be available nationwide.

Parents can apply for parent tuition here: