Perfect packing for your holiday

Heading off on your holidays soon? Okay - we're a tiny bit jealous, but because we care, here's some top tips on perfect packing  to ensure you get off on the right flipflop! Don't forget to send us a postcard...

Rolling clothes, storing shoes in a shower cap and placing necklaces in a straw are some of the top tips for travellers wanting to save space.

The travel experts at My have put together their top advice on holiday packing with tips on how to get more in the case and keeping items smelling fresh and clean.

Among the top hacks are placing shoes in a shower cap to stop any dirt getting onto other items and transporting favourite necklaces in a straw to avoid tangled chains.

Dryer sheets in between your clothes are perfect for keeping them smelling fresh on long haul flights and if you’re not planning to unpack.

And for those who like to travel light, wearing bulky items on the plane and packing lightweight, versatile clothing like sarongs are the two top tips.

Here are My’s top packing hacks:

1.  Wrap up your shoes

Wrap shoes in cotton bags which can be washed when you get home. If they’re sandy or grubby it’ll stop any mess getting on to the rest of your items. Or try putting them in a shower cap.

2.  Roll, don’t fold

Roll your clothes rather than fold them. They’ll take less space and have fewer creases.

3.  Pack outfits

Lay out your clothes as outfits before you pack, rather than individual items. And think about where you’re going. You won’t need a strappy dress and heels if you’re hiking across the US.

4.  Chargers

Don’t just throw your chargers into the case. Instead put them all into one small bag or a packing cube and stuff them in your shoes.

5.  Heavy items

Place all your heavy items by the wheels of your case. When you stand it up, they’ll be at the bottom.

6.  Jewellery

Want to keep you necklaces tangle free? Try putting them through a straw and use a button to transport your favourite earrings.

7.  Dryer sheets

If you have a long-haul flight or are not planning to unpack once you reach your destination, place dryer sheets in your luggage. It’ll keep everything smelling fresh.

8.  Avoid breakages

Avoid broken bottles of perfume by putting them inside your packed shoes or in a sock for extra padding.

9.  Contact lens cases

These are great for taking your favourite face creams. You should have just enough for your sunshine break.

10.  Taking your hat

If you’re taking a hat on your hols, stuff it with small items like vest tops to keep its shape.

11.  Sarongs

If you’re heading on a sunshine, beach break, pack plenty of sarongs. You can use them a cover ups, a towel, a shawl or even to lay on at the airport if your flights delayed.

12.  Prevent spillages

To prevent liquids spilling all over your case, unscrew the lids of the bottle, place a small piece of plastic over the bottle and screw the lid back on.

13.  Wear weighty clothes

Wear heavy clothes and shoes rather than pack them in your case. Layer up too – that way you’ll be able to take more.

14.  Packing straighteners

Pack straighteners or other hair tools in an oven mitt. It’ll protect then and everything else if they’re still a little warm.