Show Us The Money, Honey. Could your limiting beliefs be keeping you poor? - Life Coach Carole Ann Rice

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We all enjoy a little retail therapy from time to time. The thrill of a new purchase, the flash of a credit card and the joy of the carrier bag or home delivery stuffed with goodies does wonders for the soul.  

Yet sometimes, our relationship with money can seriously undermine our sense of self; make us feel guilty and out of control and even jeopardise our health and safety.

Over-spending recklessly after an emotional response (anger, fear, insecurity, self-pity, happiness) and running up debts is the external sign of an unhealthy relationship to cash and oneself. It could even be that what you believe about yourself could be keeping you poor. 

So, here’s a quick work-out for your mind-set which may be keeping you stuck in breadline thinking as opposed to being fiscally fit.

Read these statements:

  • I wasn’t born wealthy so I’m never going to be rich
  • Lucky breaks happen to other people
  • Wanting a lot of money feels wrong and greedy
  • Nobody would like me if I was rich/ successful
  • I wouldn’t know how to spend it
  • I’m frightened of money/I don’t know how to handle it
  • If money comes easily it’s not worth anything
  • Money slips through my fingers
  • I feel guilty when I’m well off and others aren’t
  • I don’t deserve money
  • I deserve this – even if I can’t afford it

If even one of these statements resonated with you then you have a flaw in your thinking that could be bankrupting you in more ways than you know. What would you have to believe about money and yourself which would change your current situation?

For example, if you believe “people from where I come never do well/remain poor” you can see how it can be a self-fulfilling prophesy. Would the belief “I create my own opportunities and I deserve abundance” be more helpful?

Write out the beliefs that could be holding you back. Beliefs are not real, they just feel that way as they are the filters we see the world through and sometimes they can be entirely false. It is entirely possible to change them and create new perspectives and possibilities for yourself.

To help you be free of the pauper in your personality here is some homework for you to do which will help you unravel some of the ideas you are holding on to which could be holding you back.

Complete these phrases:

Money is……………….?

Money is like …………...?

Making money is ………..?

Spending money is ……….?

Having money is …………..?

Working with a coach is a great way of unearthing limiting or damaging beliefs which could be stifling or sabotaging your progress.  Imagine this -what if money wanted to come to your door but at present and the way you are thinking and acting around money, it is unable to come in?  Are you barring its way?

It’s the difference between being a money magnet attracting abundance or living in deficit thinking.  Which one are you?

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