The ultimate holiday cocktail

From the iconic luxury boutique Cap Maison Hotel in St Lucia, comes the ulitmate holiday cocktail; the Cap Maison Elixr. Experience a little of that luxury and imagine the soft waves lapping at your toes, the warm evening sun on your skin, while you sip the deliciously decadent Carribbean cocktail. 


50ml Rum

25ml Mango juice

25ml Citrus bitters

10ml Coconut cream

Fresh lime

Mint Leaves


  1. Fill the shaker with ice and let it stand until it frosts on the outside, then strain the water out of the shaker
  2. Fill the mug/glass with ice that you are going to serve your cocktail in
  3. Add rum, fresh lime juice, mango juice, bitters and coconut cream into the shaker and shake well
  4. Empty mug of ice and replace with fresh ice
  5. Strain mixture into the mug
  6. Drop bitters over the drink, stir and garnish with a mint leaf