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Can you verify that my application has been correctly forwarded to the employer?

All online applications are automatically emailed to the advertiser and you will receive an automatic email confirmation.

Can I find out exactly where this job is located?

We recommend that you apply for the job. If you are contacted by the advertiser that is then your opportunity to verify the job location. ​

Why is the salary not specified in the advertisement?

We are unable to confirm the salary unless it is stated in the advertisement.

Do I need a work VISA to be able to apply for positions advertised in The Lady?

You need to have the relevant work VISAs before you can apply for positions advertised.

I live abroad. Can I apply for a job?

Yes, however, you need to have the relevant work VISAs before you can apply for positions advertised.

How should we submit our candidacy if we are a couple?

You should combine your CVs into one document, attach it to your profile and submit it to the vacancy by clicking on the apply button. 

I am interested in a vacancy advertised in the magazine but I cannot find it on The Lady website. How can I apply?

If the vacancy you are looking for cannot be found on lady.co.uk it has expired or is no longer available. New vacancies are posted on our jobs page here.

Can I apply without a CV?

A CV is essential when applying for a vacancy so that the advertiser can clearly see the skills and experience you have.  Browse https://lady.co.uk/cv-top-tips to find useful tips on how to write an effective CV and cover letter. 

What does it mean if (AGY) is written at the bottom of the job description?

AGY is short for Agency and means that the advert being place by a recruitment agency rather than a private advertiser.

I am applying from outside of the UK, will this make a difference to the success of my application?

Most employers will want to meet the candidates at some point during the application process and so you will need to state in your covering letter when you plan to be in the UK.  We would recommend that you commence your job search from the UK unless you are in a country nearby with easy transport links.

I applied for a vacancy but I have not received an answer.

If you have not received an answer a week after the job expires, it could be that your CV does not reflect the relevant experience for the vacancy. 

Who has access to my profile?

The Lady’s recruitment consultants have access to your profile and your CV. If you apply for a job using your candidate profile rather than a CV, the advertiser will then see your profile. 

I have forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

Reset your password using the following link: http://www.jobs.lady.co.uk/user/remind or by clicking on the ‘forgot password?’ link in the login form.

The status of my application has not changed, what does this mean?

Advertisers have the option to change your status once your CV has been received by them; we cannot guarantee that this will be done. 

I cannot upload a photograph, what should I do?

The profile photo is not required when applying for a vacancy. We do recommend that you attach your portrait photo to your CV; you can use the following formats to upload your picture: JPG, PNG, GIF.

I am interested in applying for a vacancy in The Lady, how should I apply?

Applications can be made through The Lady website www.lady.co.uk

Click on the Jobs Board tab and register an account as a candidate. You can then apply for vacancies.  

How do I apply for a vacancy if I don’t want to register on The Lady website?

Apply by email to boxnumbers@lady.co.uk and attach a copy of your CV to your application email. Ensure that you state the Box Number clearly in the subject line of the email.