For Beautiful Stripes Look No Further

1921 was a fabulous vintage year for lawn lovers as it was the year that ATCO started manufacturing fine quality mowers for the gardens, pitches and ball courts of Great Britain.

Heritage and quality have ensured that in the last 96 years their lawnmowers have earned an enviable reputation for outstanding performance.

ATCO lawnmowers can be found from royal palaces to village greens, cricket pitches to tennis courts, stately homes to beautiful lawns in the gardens of our nation.

With ATCO’s strong heritage has come wisdom, knowledge and quality, the solid and reliable roller mowers of the 1920’s have progressed due to outstanding innovation and design to the roller mowers that we see today. 

The Liner 22SH BBC is a premium roller rotary lawnmower new to the ATCO range for 2018.  This top of the range roller mower is packed with innovations including Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) technology that help to make it the ultimate roller mower for both homeowners and professional users.

Powered by a powerful 163cc Honda GXV160 engine the BBC feature allows blade disengagement without turning off the engine, making it easier to empty the grassbag.  It also allows the mower to be moved across paths to the lawn with the engine running and the blades disengaged.

Want to double efficiency, whilst improving the finish and optimising grass collection? You’ve got it!  This mower is fitted with innovative cutting technology – a Twinclip blade with four cutting edges instead of two that makes tackling the grass an effortless task while leaving a finish that is comparable to a cylinder mower.  The first cutting edge of the Twinclip blade reduces the initial length of the grass with the second cutting edge reducing the finished length down to the desired height.  The extra finely cut clippings are then blown into the large 80 litre collector typically leading to an increase in collecting performance of around 20%.

ATCO are proud of their outstanding premium roller rotary lawnmowers which produce an outstanding striped finish and are truly a rotary revolution in grass cutting technology.

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